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Human Bone


Bone is the part of the skeletal system and skeletal system form the main supporting framework of the body.and is primarily designed for the effective production of movement by the attached muscles.

Bones are made up of organic and inorganic ions.the organic part contains connective tissues and makes one-third part of the bone.The inorganic part contains mainly calcium salt and makes the remaining two third part of the bones.

The calcium salt present in bones are mainly Calcium sulfate and calcium carbonate.these calcium salts make the bone hard and rigid.Due to these salt bone can afford resistance to compressive forces.

The organic part in which collagen fibers are mainly present make the bone tough and resilient.Due to collagen fibers bone can afford resistance to tensile forces.

In strength, bone is comparable to iron.

If the calcium from the bone is removed by putting it in acid it becomes flexible and soft.

But if the organic part is removed from the bone by burning it crumbles into small pieces.

Bone is highly vascular and shows characteristic growth.Bones has greater regenerative power than any other tissues of the body except the blood.

Bone can mold itself according to changes in stress and strains it bears.

Disuse of bone leads to Atrophy of the bone and overuse of the bone leads to hypertrophy of the bone.

Human Bones

There are 206 bones in the human body which are












Inferior nasal concha(2)





26 vertebrae

1 sternum bone

24 ribs

1 hyoid bone






16 carpals

10 metacarpals

28 phalanges

Hip bone(2)







Phalanges( 28)

Function of the bones

1.Bones give shape to the body.

2.Bones give support to the body.

3.Bones can resist stress.

4.They act as a lever for muscular action.

5. Bones protect sensitive organs of the body.

6. Bone cells are manufactured in the bone marrow.

7. Bone store 97% of the body calcium and phosphorus.

8. Bone take part in immunity because it contains reticuloendothelial cells which are phagocytic in nature.

The 10 Habits Will Seriously Damage Your Kidney

1.Holding Urine:- The constant(নিত্য) holding of the urine can lead to kidney stones and failure.

2.Lack of Water:- The most important thing for the kidneys to function properly is to maintain good hydration(জলয়োজান).If you don’t consume water enough and wastes cannot be entirely flushed(রক্তিম).

3.Excess Sugar:- We all know that excess sugar is bad for our overall health.However,a recent study indicated that people who consume 2 sodas daily have more urine proteins and bad kidney work.

4.Too much Animal proteins:- Too much red meats boost(উৎসাহ) metabolic(বিপাকীয়) load on kidneys.

5.Excess Salt:- consumption of too much salt can lead to hypertension and kidney damage.

6.Sleep Deficit(ঘাটতি):- The tissue in the kidney cannot refresh due to a lack of sleep.

7.Mineral and Vitamin Deficits:- The health of our organs depends on what we eat and that goes for the kidneys as well.Therefore (অতএব),if we lack nutrients like Mg(ম্যাগনেসিয়াম) and B6 the kidneys function will decrease.

8.Too much coffee:- The excess amount of coffee puts a great amount of stress on the kidneys.

9.Too much Alcohol:- Only one drink a day can significantly impact the kidneys and liver.

10.Abuse of painkillers:- Meds and drugs for pain are with chemicals and one side effect in them is liver and kidney damage.